Residential Oil Dropoff

Residential Cooking Oil and Grease Drop-off Program with DieselGreen Fuels

**Due to site redevelopment at Ecowise, we don’t have a residential oil drop off program in place at this time. For now, please contact the City of Austin’s (or your local municipality) Household Hazardous Waste program for oil disposal. You may have to use Google to find them.**



Info for old program, to be resurrected some day:

Not sure what to do with used cooking oil and grease? Planning to fry a turkey for the holidays? Never put oil or grease down the drain, as it clogs sewers and creates a major problem for municipalities. Grease solidifies like cholesterol in arteries, and causes millions of dollars in remediation costs.

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DieselGreen Fuels, Austin’s grease-to-biodiesel provider, has a drop-off program, designed to help residents, schools, churches, and other small producers of oil to avoid dumping in landfills or sewers.


About DieselGreen Fuels:

DieselGreen Fuels has been providing oil recycling services to Austin and San Antonio businesses since 2006, and continues to keep locally sourced B100 available at the retail pump at Eco-Wise as well as for local fleets. If you would like more information about biodiesel fuel or used cooking oil recycling, please contact DieselGreen Fuels at (512) 247-3835 or Find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at @austinbiodiesel.


Support for the new program:

“This exciting new program provides another opportunity for Austinites to rethink the concept of waste. Instead of trash, we can recognize that leftover cooking oil is another resource that can be captured and reused, closing the loop on human activities to make them more efficient.” — Lucia Athens, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Austin

“Grease collection is a smart way to bring a renewable product to the market place in the form of biodiesel.  DieselGreen Fuels, a long-time supporter and member of the regional Clean Cities coalition, Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance, collects waste grease from numerous restaurants and now, public drop-off locations. The waste grease is then processed into a high-grade biodiesel fuel product, and made available to the public at Eco-Wise on Congress Avenue in Austin, as well as fleet delivery. Waste grease is a valuable commodity and DieselGreen Fuels is  providing a necessary, sustainable activity in Austin.” Stacy Neef, Executive Director, Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance, a Clean Cities coalition for Central Texas

4 thoughts on “Residential Oil Dropoff

  1. I would like to recycle 3-4 quarts of peanut oil that was used to deep fry a turkey.
    Happy Holidays, I live south in Circle C and any help is appreciated.
    Steve W.

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