Presentation at the Capital tomorrow (Thursday, March 5, 2009)

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be giving a 12 minute presentation at the Capital for the State Legislature and their staff. It will be at 9:20AM in the Capital Auditorium.

The presentation will be about our Fryer to Fuel program for recycling local restaurant oil into biodiesel and can be found at

I’m pretty excited to be telling our story in front of the State Legislature and hope to make some good contacts during the day’s events.

Please contact Senator Cornyn about continued biodiesel support

Hi everyone,

The biodiesel industry is still in its infancy; as such, we are unable to compete on a level playing ground with entrenched oil companies who enjoy massive subsidies. Back in 2005, Congress approved a $1 per gallon subsidy to the biodiesel industry. Profit margins on fuels are razor thin, and this subsidy allows us to begin to build a market for alternative fuels, which reduce our dependence on foreign oil, keep the air clean, and keeps money in the local economy. 

This subsidy is set to expire at the end of 2009 and must be renewed. This year, I’m asking for your help to contact Senator Cornyn, our Senator on the Finance Committee, who is writing the Economic Stimulus package for Congress. Please let him know how important biodiesel is to you and our state, sending him an email (his staffers are and 


Here is the letter I sent:

I am contacting you as the Vice President for Membership for the Biodiesel Coalition of Texas (BCOT)   We are a Texas trade association comprised of 29 companies involved in the production, marketing, and distribution of biodiesel in Texas.  I am also the owner of DieselGreen Fuels, a biodiesel distributor in Austin employing 6 people.

 We understand that an extension of the biodiesel excise tax credit is being considered for the Economic Stimulus bill being debated in the Senate Finance Committee this week.  

 Given the economic impacts and job creation potential of the biodiesel industry to Texas and the Country, we certainly hope that Senator Cornyn will consider supporting an extension of the biodiesel excise tax credit in this bill.

 Texas has recently become the nation’s leading producer of biodiesel.  As such, the biodiesel industry has started to add significant value to theTexas economy. According to a study by Texas A&M (extrapolated for 2008 with estimated production at 100 mm gallons), biodiesel represents:

–           Estimated $400 million in economic output

–           1,200 jobs

 If the Texas industry produced at capacity in 2009 (536 million gallons)

–           $3.7 billion total economic impact (Direct and Indirect)

–           10,000 jobs

 According to the National Biodiesel Board, the biodiesel industry supports some 51,893 jobs; $4.287 billion of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP); displaced 38.1 million barrels of imported petroleum; generated $866.2 million in tax revenue.

 Absent federal action to address the unprecedented credit and market crisis facing the industry, over 29,000 of these jobs could be lost in 2009 alone.

 The members of  BCOT appreciate your attention to this issue and hope Senator Cornyn will be able to support the continued growth of our industry in Texas by supporting the extension of the biodiesel excise tax credit in the Economic Stimulus bill.

 Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jason Burroughs

DieselGreen Fuels, Austin TX



My personal opinion is that subsidies are not a great long-term solution. In fact, I’ve publicly stated that the biodiesel subsidy goes more to the feedstock providers than the biodiesel producers. However, I fully support local, sustainable biodiesel business models who collect used cooking oil and recycle it into biodiesel. These micro-scale businesses can thrive with a subsidy, and may not survive in the short term without it. So I urge you to contact the Senator in support of this resolution, and support your local biodiesel company!

Again, his staff contact information is: and

Biodiesel Workshop at Hubbert’s Peak, January 17th

Saturday, January 17th – 10am to 4pm 
4704 East Cesar Chavez Austin, Texas 78702
Cost: $ 80

Biodiesel is a drop-in replacement for diesel fuel that is made from fatty acids found in animals and vegetables. This class is going to provide a hands-on view of what biodiesel is, how you can make it, and how you can incorporate biodiesel into your green business, backyard projects, or your own diesel vehicle.

Topics to be covered:

  • Biodiesel Basics (what it is, history)
  • Used vegetable oil quality assessment
  • Biodiesel chemistry (transesterification)
  • Making your own half-liter batch of biodiesel
  • Discussion of how to scale production up
  • Insight into the current industry
  • Running your car or truck on biodiesel

Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Chris Continanza

Christopher Continanza is the logistics manager at DieselGreen Fuels in Austin, TX.   DieselGreen Fuels provides waste vegetable oil collection, high-end vegetable oil conversions, and biodiesel retail.  Christopher also has an SEI certification in biodiesel fuel.

To register, visit

For more information, please contact Chris Continanza at

UPDATE – “FUEL” opens Friday/Saturday at Regal Arbor (and call for volunteers)

UPDATE – please try to attend Saturday at 6:45pm with your biodiesel or veggie powered vehicle. The movie starts at 7:40pm, and we’d like to encourage a little socializing before the film and there may be a media presence. Hope to see you there!

Hi everyone – just wanted to make sure you knew about this movie premiere. The director will be at the Saturday showing. It was just announced as on the short list to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary!
You can see the trailer at
This is an important film about breaking our reliance on petroleum. It is not only about biodiesel, but about alternative fuels and energy sources in general.
Also, they are looking for volunteers for the street team, starting today. Please contact the Fuel team at 310-804-9914.
Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.
Jason Burroughs
Managing Partner, DieselGreen Fuels
512-391-0569 office
512-992-8677 mobile
512-287-4229 fax


From: Deborah Dupre’, B.Sci, MA.Sci, PostGradDipContEd
Community Learning Development Specialist
“Fuel” Education Consultant
PH:  541.610.4272 

Participate:  The movie “FUEL” ( in Austin theaters!   Buy tickets at:  Phone text “Follow Fuel” to 87995 …

“It urges … the power of change, and the power of you.  Watch the film, learn from it and make it happen.” ~ Damian Vaca, MTV Movies

Fall Events List

Just a quick post to let everyone know exactly what’s going on in Central Texas with alternative fuels:

Alternative Fuel Events – Fall 2008


Sept 16             3-7pm        Deluxe Intro to Biodiesel        DieselGreen Fuels         5217 Cesar Chavez St.


Matt Rudolf of Piedmont Biofuels Coop will teach a hands-on class for $49, proceeds to fund Piedmont Biofuels. For more information, or to RSVP, contact Frankie Abralind at 804-363-5563


Sept 17    9am-5pm  Sustainable Biodiesel Stakeholders Meeting  International Center     201 E. 2nd St.

 A day of open discussion on the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the biodiesel industry in the U.S. Membership is only $25/year to the non-profit Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance and supports efforts to create sustainable business practices in the biodiesel industry. For more information, go to



Sept 18                   8am-5pm                  Texas Biofuels Conference & Expo            Austin Airport Hilton

 The 3rd Annual Texas Biofuels Conference & Expo will take an in-depth look at the latest regulatory, agricultural, and technical developments impacting the renewable fuels industry in Texas. Cost is $400 – $500. For more information, go to


Sept 26 – 28th                               Renewable Roundup                                    Fredericksburg, TX

 The 9th Annual Renewable Roundup is Texas’ premier weekend conference renewable energy and sustainable living. For more information, visit Jason Burroughs of DieselGreen Fuels will be speaking on vegetable oil and biodiesel as fuels.


Oct 11 – 12th                               Sustainable Living Roadshow                  One Hundred Acres Woods

 The Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR) is a caravan of educators and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles setting up off-the-grid eco-carnivals with experiential learning villages, empowering communities to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet. For more information, visit Jason Burroughs of DieselGreen Fuels will be speaking on vegetable oil and biodiesel as fuels.


Oct 17 – 18th                                                      AltCar Expo                                    Palmer Events Center

 Free to the public, this is the first year that the AltCar Expo will be in Austin. Everything from Electric cars to biofuels and more. For more information, visit DieselGreen will have a booth showing our vegetable oil powered Golf and our biodiesel-powered 2009 Jetta TDI

Announcing the first ever Austin Greaseup! (and seeking volunteers)

On Sunday, September 7th, from 4-8PM, at a location to be announced, there is a planned meeting of Austin vegetable oil fuel enthusiasts. If you have a vehicle converted to run on vegetable oil, we NEED you to attend. If you’re interested in converting your car, or just want to see a bunch of converted cars, this is your chance to see them all together. We also plan to have at least one diesel mechanic to answer questions about general maintenance and repairs, as well as the DieselGreen team to answer questions about conversions. 

We are still in the early planning stages and are looking for one or two volunteers to help put the event together – make flyers, take to our retail locations, set up food, etc. Anyone interested should contact Andrew Taft at 703-585-1578 or

We hope to build momentum with this meeting, perhaps establish a Meetup group, and establish a real community of vegetable oil fuel users. Please forward this to any interested parties or email lists.


Jason Burroughs
DieselGreen Fuels
512-247-FUEL x70

DieselGreen Newsletter – June 27, 2008

National News

Lots of exciting things going on in the world of alternative fuels these days. Congress is close to passing a bill that would close the “splash and dash” loophole, which would eliminate companies bringing in biodiesel from overseas, splashing in a bit of diesel to take a tax credit, then shipping it off to Europe for more subsidies. They are also (FINALLY) talking about upping the credit for WVO biodiesel to $1 to match that of new oil biodiesel. I guess someone finally figured out that recycled oil is a very good thing and should be encouraged.

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance is starting to build its core team, and we are proud to be on one of the working groups. A pioneer in Austin’s alternative fuel business, Jeff Plowman, was recently named Executive Director – pulling enough weight to bring the SBA headquarters to downtown Austin. The SBA will be a key player in the push toward responsibly produced biofuels, and we’re lucky to have them.

The City of San Francisco is now competing with established biodiesel producers for the grease generated by the many restaurants there, then trucking it out of state to be made into biodiesel for their own use. Opportunities abound for smart municipalities wanting to recycle waste into energy – however, I don’t believe that this is the way to do it. Sending health inspectors into restaurants to sign over the rights to their oil is unfair competition, and I’m certain we’ll be seeing a lawsuit by the end of the year.

Company News

This is a big one. After almost two years of doing all the work ourselves, we’ve hired our first employee. TJ Barr comes to us by way of Seattle, bringing with him 8 years of diesel mechanic skills. He is working with us on fuel deliveries, oil collection, transport of goods, and vehicle conversions. A hands-on helper is something we’ve talked about from the beginning, but we haven’t been able to justify it until now. Our first interview, our first paycheck, maybe even our first day off – it’s very exciting to take this step for our customers and for our own sanity. Next on our list will be a full-time relationship manager to work with restaurants and kitchens on oil recycling and/or an office manager to work on quickbooks and process flow (currently a large portion of what I do). We are not actively hiring for these positions yet, but resumes are being accepted at jasonat dieselgreenfuelscom

As the business has grown, our processes have evolved from verbal agreements to contracts, from handwritten sales logs to Quickbooks. Now that our oil collection has grown signficantly, we have been working behind the scenes to grow the business infrastructure to support our growing customer base. Rather than build a purpose-made facility to process oil at this larger scale, we have established a relationship with a business outside of Austin to perform this dirty task for us. This new partnership will ensure that we are able to keep up with demand, continue to scale as conditions require, and focus on our core business strengths. During this transition period, lasting until early July, we will not have any vegetable oil for sale of any kind. Once we get the system in place, we will have oil again, at a price that is $1.50 below biodiesel at our pump, including the federal road tax.

Announcing our new photo gallery – is the home of our new site for pictures of customers, events, cool vehicles and equipment, and anything related to the Austin alternative fuel scene. Suggestions for content are welcome, and users can register to upload their own pictures as well.

Personal News

I’m in the early stages of working on a book about my experiences over the last few years as part of an emerging movement of green entrepreneurs. From driving a Viper and working for a tech startup, to driving a plant-powered Volkswagen and dumpster driving for grease, I’ve worked 80 hours a week to jump out of one career and into another. I’ve met so many others with the same ambition that I feel our country is on the verge of a major shift in skillsets – from a technology-based economy focused solely on growth to the reality of shrinking resources (and ice caps). Somewhere in between the hardcore environmentalists and the investment bankers is a growing legion of unsatisfied office workers and cube dwellers. From the arline mechanic running a biodiesel business during his off hours to the telecom executive running a coop on the weekends, our middle class is turning green. Without the pressure of fighting to survive, or the distractions of the super rich, middle America has the time and money to work to make a difference. I believe that this is a story not yet told, barely seen and rarely heard. Just as I’ve been inspired by the people I’ve met from all over the country, there are millions more who haven’t yet heard the call. I hope to write something that inspires, motivates, and entertains. It will be a slow process, and I am seeking individuals or organizations that would be interested in telling their story. Please contact me at

Upcoming Events

July 18 – 20th  – Biodiesel Collective Conference, Golden CO (just outside Denver). This will be our third year attending the most important gathering of like-minded biodiesel enthusiasts in the country! For less than $100 plus travel, you can spend 3 days immersed in homebrew biodiesel, community-based oil collection, and cutting edge biofuels research presentations. Last year, we presented on the “failure” of our coop, and our evolution into a biodiesel distributor and oil collection/processor. This year, I plan to talk about the continued growth of the business, regulatory and legal issues related to our business, and absorb as much as I can from the other attendees.


September 17 – 18  – Texas Biodiesel Conference and Expo, Austin Airport Hilton. Save the date for this full day conference on biodiesel issues related to Texas. Lots of great speakers and panels planned, as well as a couple of great parties. We sat out last year because it was so depressing (thank you, TCEQ), but this year we are planning to attend.


October 17 – 18 – Austin Energy AltCar Expo, Palmer Auditorium. This FREE conference will show you all different types of alternative fueled vehicles. We will be there with our veggie powered 2004 Golf, giving demonstrations of the technology, talking about biodiesel, and representing Austin’s only source of these products. Come out and see us!


Important Links

Austin Eco Network – a fantastic email listserv dedicated to eco-happenings around Austin. 0-5 emails per day, moderated posting.

Austin Bootstrap Network – a loose organization of people starting their own businesses by “bootstrapping”, generally referring to self-funding and working on a small to non-existent budget. Free to join, and great resources for entrepreneurs. There’s even a Sustainability Subgroup for entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses related to renewable energy, green building, energy conservation, and related areas.

Please feel free to post comments to this blog below.

Thanks for reading,

Jason Burroughs, DieselGreen Fuels

B100 now available at 6 locations across Austin!

Today, I am happy to announce a major expansion of our business!

We now have 6 locations across Austin – from Bastrop to Oak Hill, from Manchaca to the UT Campus, we’ve got you covered.

The price varies by retailer, but is in the $4.40 – $4.50 range. Please see our Station Locator page (opens in a new window) for complete information, including Google Map.

We are actively seeking partners to expand north – we need locations on 183 North (Lamar to Leander), and I-35 North (183 to Georgetown). For a $5000 investment, an existing business can add a turnkey biodiesel station. Contact me at 512-247-3835 for more info.

Also, I want to remind everyone that we have an Open House at our facility every Tuesday night from 7-10pm. We sell biodiesel (B100) and vegetable oil for 10 cents off retail price, answer questions about everything we do, and show the public how we are transforming Austin’s used cooking oil into biofuels. We often have 10-20 people show up, some with alternative fuel vehicles.

I’d like to thank the many people who we met at the Austin Green Living Show we attended and presented at. There are so many people in Austin interested in helping the environment, it really helps to know that what we are doing is appreciated!

One last note – we are seeking additional restaurant partners to collect oil from for our Fryer to Fuel program. If you own or operate a commercial kitchen, or know anyone who does, please contact us to get started. It’s a free program, and we also pay a finder’s fee. Contact us for more info.

As always, thanks for your support, and we look forward to reducing pollution, lowering our dependence on foreign oil, and helping Austin be the greenest city in Texas.

Jason Burroughs

Tough times, recognition, and upcoming events

First, I’d like to thank everyone reading this for supporting us. I recently made the switch from a somewhat stale messageboard over to this blog. I took the liberty of subscribing everyone to the blog that was on the site, so if you’re getting this with no idea why, feel free to unsubscribe. I apologize for duplicate subscription notifications, but now I’ve got all the bugs worked out. Going forward, I would expect a message a week at most, probably more like once a month. If you’d prefer to get updates via RSS or other method, go to the blog and choose that method.


For the second week, we are struggling to find adequate supply of B100 to support our Austin customers. We are completing a major expansion of our operation, and are practically crippled due to lack of biodiesel availability. We hope to have a small load delivered on Monday, and will be making an announcement of our new locations at that time. We hope the new load will be at the same price as before, but are bracing ourselves for upward pricing trends. This is a complex subject that we get lots of calls and emails about. There’s no 5 minute answer, but know that we are working every day to bring you the best quality biodiesel at the most competitive price. While we may not stay at or below the price of diesel forever, we will always provide you a product that you can feel good about using, and is good for your car or truck.

Lucky for us, we chose a somewhat challenging path early on – concurrent with our biodiesel sales, we are collecting used cooking oil from local restaurants. This biodiesel feedstock will prove to be the foundation for our business, and although the biodiesel industry as a whole is doing poorly right now, the large feedstock providers are thriving (think OPEC, but on a smaller scale). We always have plenty of filtered WVO for sale, and are working to produce enough to be turned into biodiesel for our customers.  We offer a $50 bounty for anyone who gets us a new restaurant source! We have promotional materials online at


Check out this month’s Austin Monthly magazine – we are featured on the table of contents, and in a full article! We saved a pdf of it at

We were also profiled in the Austin Chronicle last week for our position against TCEQ regarding the use of B99.99 biodiesel. I would never guess I would be at odds with a governmental environmental agency – but they are being unreasonable and regulating our industry in a manner that hurts the economy and ultimately has the opposite environmental effect of what they’re supposed to be doing. Read all about it here.


In two weeks, join us at the Austin Convention Center for our second year at the Austin Green Living Show. We’ll have a booth set up, talking to the public about biodiesel and waste vegetable oil, and I’ll be doing a 30 minute presentation on Sunday at 3PM about biodiesel and veggie oil as fuels.

Every Tuesday night, we have our Open House at our warehouse, 5217 Cesar Chavez St. We invite the public to come out and see what we do, ask all those burning questions about renewable fuels, and see cars that have been converted to run on vegetable oil.


As the market for biodiesel grows, we are getting an increasing volume of calls, emails, and other inquiries. Help us by providing feedback on our business. Should we expand the FAQ on the website, make bigger signs at our retail outlets, provide more promotional material? We are always seeking alternative energy advocates to help us get our message out there. Although we have no paid positions available, we would welcome help on a volunteer basis on Tuesday nights to pump fuel, run occasional errands, work on making copies or getting supplies, and possibly answering the phone (cell phone you’d carry around during business hours). This is not a program that we have set up, nothing formal or pre-defined. We are seeking the right person with skills to work with restaurants about oil, customers about our products, and overall intern type work. If you are interested, send a resume and cover letter to info @