Check out DieselGreen’s new Facebook Page

Please check us out at our Facebook Page and click the “Like” button at the top to show your support. If you find that our occasional posts welcoming a new restaurant are cluttering your own wall, simply remove them from your wall by clicking the X. A lot of people don’t realize you can do this, without having to un-Like a page.

I’ve also cleaned up our website, removing references to fuel stations that no longer exist, products we don’t sell anymore (such as veggie oil), etc.

I will still send out a blog post with relevant news and updates occasionally, but will seek to use the Facebook Page to add pictures of current events and stay connected with our member restaurants and biodiesel customers.

Remember – DieselGreen really is Austin’s only source of biodiesel. We collect oil from 200 restaurants, take it to Pacific Biodiesel for processing, then it goes to Ecowise, our exclusive retail partner. Recently, we have seen other people claim to be recycling oil into biodiesel, but this is not entirely true. They are either greenwashing their existing oil collection business, which sends oil into the cattlefeed industry, or are hoping to “cash in” on the growing biofuels movement. If you are a restaurant owner, and are approached by someone that says they want to turn your oil into biofuel of some kind, ask them these questions: Where is your biodiesel plant? How long has it been in production? What is the name and owner of the plant? Is it a member of the National Biodiesel Board? Get all this information in writing and follow up with the EPA, the NBB, and the Texas State Department of Health. Don’t let people sell your oil to dog food companies in China when they offer a penny a pound more than the biodiesel companies offer. DieselGreen’s oil goes straight to Pacific Biodiesel 100% of the time, regardless of where the market for other commodities is headed.

DieselGreen, Pacific Biodiesel Texas, and Ecowise are making a difference in Central Texas – because of YOU. Thanks for sticking with us. We are hopeful that Congress will pass the Biodiesel Tax Credit, which will immediately reduce the price at the pump by 40-60 cents.

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  1. I moved from upstate NY to Round Rock TX. I found many people in NY that would sell me clean VO. Is there In TX that would sell me some. I don’t like burning diesel and sending my money to the middle east so they can use it to kill our people.

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