A warning about 2008 and newer vehicles using biodiesel, and a call to action

Through some very painful testing, we’ve learned that the newest diesel vehicles have an emissions system that is not compatible with a high blend of biodiesel. Starting in the second half of 2007, every diesel vehicle must be equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter to clean up the nasty diesel emissions. Ironically, when used with biodiesel, the DPF does not function properly. This is because biodiesel has a higher flash point than diesel, and the DPF system relies on a squirt of fuel into the exhaust.

I could go in more detail about this, but suffice it to say that anyone driving or planning to drive a diesel car or truck made in 2007 or later will have problems with biodiesel over about B20. Even at B20, you need to make sure and have your oil changed regularly, due to another side effect – engine oil dilution. It turns out that this poorly devised emissions system forces the injectors to squirt diesel fuel in the exhaust stroke, which naturally makes its way into the engine oil. However, diesel fuel evaporates off (sort of) and biodiesel does not.

So – because of these two issues, we recommend the use of only B20 in these vehicles. Furthermore, we ask that you sign a petition that’s been put together to literally Save Biodiesel. Without compatible vehicles, there is no biodiesel industry.

Please take just a minute to sign this petition, which is being sent to the OEMs. We’ve had conversations with them, and the final nail in the DPF coffin came with a detailed presentation by Chevron, who makes engine oil and lubricants. Everyone in the industry knows this is a problem, but until they hear it from YOU, it’s a problem they can ignore.

Thanks for supporting us, and thanks for choosing biodiesel made from locally collected and processed used cooking oil!

Petition is HERE

Jason Burroughs
DieselGreen Fuels

6 thoughts on “A warning about 2008 and newer vehicles using biodiesel, and a call to action

  1. Thank you for the notice Jason. If only the non-renewable energy companies would put at half the effort into producing renewable energies, it would produce great results.

  2. Hi Jason and all,
    That is heartbreaking news, but I don’t believe it is the end.

    Q- Can those of us with older diesel engines still use bio safely?
    I have been doing so since 2001 and as long as bio is still for sale I will keep using it.
    Keep making the good stuff Jason!

  3. We need to do more than sign petitions. We need to vote with our money and NOT purchase a new diesel engined vehicle (or gasoline engined vehicle for that matter) until this is addressed.

    If enough of us did this, we’d have non-internal combustion vehicles on the road by now. We don’t have to take what they give us.

  4. Steve – biodiesel will still work great in all blend levels in the pre-2007 vehicles. As long as they don’t ever mandate a ‘retro-fit’ to use the new DPF systems, we’ll be fine. And since they cost several thousand dollars, it’s unlikely – although California is already talking about 18 wheelers retrofitting…

  5. New diesels should be made compatible with bio-diesel. I will not consider purchasing a new one until they are made compatible.

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