Come join us at the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance Earth Day Social!

DieselGreen Fuels will be at this event, and will be offering B100 biodiesel for sale for $3.00 per gallon! Come join us with your biodiesel vehicles and enthusiasm for Earth Day!


2 thoughts on “Come join us at the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance Earth Day Social!

  1. Jason,
    I have recently bought a 09 TDI Jetta and was curious if you had any information on making the car run off bio diesel and regular diesel. I know the new “clean diesel” functions that they have put in the newer cars have made things more difficult but there has to be a loop hole. If you could contact me with any information that would be awesome.

    • Hi Nick, the 09 TDI will develop biodiesel in the engine oil, so you need to change the oil more frequently. This has to do with the way the post injection fuel squirt into the exhaust system works for the DPF sometimes gets past the rings into the crankcase. But just change the oil every 3k miles and you’ll be fine. Many people on the forums have posted about having no problems. Full disclosure – I bought a 2009 Jetta in 2008 and my CEL came on. The dealer told me it was “because of biodiesel”. I eventually sold it in disappointment, but never knew why that stupid light came on. My thinking at this point is that there is no reason not to use high blends, but you need to change the oil more frequently, and be prepared to back down on the blends if you do have the CEL issue. So it’s just not as solid as the older models were.

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