Biodiesel Workshop at Hubbert’s Peak, January 17th

Saturday, January 17th – 10am to 4pm 
4704 East Cesar Chavez Austin, Texas 78702
Cost: $ 80

Biodiesel is a drop-in replacement for diesel fuel that is made from fatty acids found in animals and vegetables. This class is going to provide a hands-on view of what biodiesel is, how you can make it, and how you can incorporate biodiesel into your green business, backyard projects, or your own diesel vehicle.

Topics to be covered:

  • Biodiesel Basics (what it is, history)
  • Used vegetable oil quality assessment
  • Biodiesel chemistry (transesterification)
  • Making your own half-liter batch of biodiesel
  • Discussion of how to scale production up
  • Insight into the current industry
  • Running your car or truck on biodiesel

Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Chris Continanza

Christopher Continanza is the logistics manager at DieselGreen Fuels in Austin, TX.   DieselGreen Fuels provides waste vegetable oil collection, high-end vegetable oil conversions, and biodiesel retail.  Christopher also has an SEI certification in biodiesel fuel.

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