3rd Place at UT Sustainable Business Summit

This was an exciting weekend. After a very rough week trying to find biodiese after the recent “ban”, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the company of fellow “social entrepeneurs”. Met some very interesting folks and competed in a business plan competition – and took 3rd place! Considering the winner’s idea was GREAT and the second place went to a free library of sorts, it was a great win.

2 thoughts on “3rd Place at UT Sustainable Business Summit

  1. I bought wvo from ecowise, it is settling now, is it filterd down to 5 micron, and what water %, could you estimate please? I will be using it in a prechamber diesel isuzu, 1.8. no conversion. i will be using DSE process. thx Ron

  2. Hi Ron – we filter down to 1 micron and we boil the oil until there is no apparent water (using the Hot Pan Test). I couldn’t estimate a percentage, but it’s very low.

    As for your “diesel secret”, that is a marketing scam company that is going to be charged with a class action lawsuit – I’m certain of it. You may not have problems, but in all likelihood, you will. We don’t promote, recommend, or endorse the use of this method to use vegetable oil as a fuel.

    I don’t want to debate it, but it’s far too experimental for us as a company to want to get involved with it. Good luck, and I hope you don’t blow up your engine.


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